Why choose Ascendant?

Nurse Case Managers of Ascendant are handpicked from some of the top Dean’s lists, to the experience that can only be found in some of the busiest ICU’s in the great state of Michigan, all the way to downtown Detroit. It’s these Nurse Case Managers that keep the engine oiled, the cogs turning, and the results arriving FAST!

We keep patients on track by reminding them of their treatment regimen regularly. This includes case managers reminding patients of appointments, inquiring if a patient misses/does not want to attend an appointment, and ensuring scheduled evaluations (such as IME’s) are attended. If a patient is considered “non-compliant”, our case managers are trained to assess burn out and develop strategies that allow them to continue to see providers.

“We want our case management services to be proactive, compassionate, and intelligent”

Ascendant exists to help clients who have been injured in an auto accident. We want our case management services to be proactive, compassionate, and intelligent. The services provided mean everything to our clients and those who think to use our company for their patients or their clients. When we care about what we do to a level that is in the realm of going above and beyond, everyone will take notice. When everyone starts noticing the way our service is and the extent to which we are willing to go to ensure clients are recovering, happy, and feel taken care of our company will grow, our case managers will become more successful and the future will be bright for our clients, as they will get the best case management services that a company/person/case manager can offer.
Sanjay sharma

patient first

It is Ascendant Case Management’s own policy, and very first Core Value that puts the Patient First at every point throughout their recovery. We will be there when ever you need us.

Making the right connections

We connect them with providers that are familiar with auto cases. This ensures that your clients are receiving care that is appropriate during the litigation process, and clinicians are providing adequate and considerate documentation.


Case managers stay with your clients through the entire recovery / litigation process. Each patient is assigned one client, which ensures continuity of care as well as consistency for providers. Case Managers are able to see the full picture and fill in gaps as needed.

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We are taking precautions in office toward COVID-19 for office staff, as well as visiting patients. We provide masks, temperature checks, and sanitization for your hands. If you require anything more, or for further information, please call our offices.