Hire the Talent!


Who We Are?

Ascendant Staffing specializes in providing recruitment solutions for your temporary, long term, and permanent nursing needs. 

Why Choose Us?

Here at Ascendant Staffing we only provide the best Nurses. We have the knack for finding hidden gems with amazing qualifications to help fill all your nursing deficiencies. Our screening, credentialing, and placement process is thorough yet hassle free, so you can be assured that Ascendant Staffing will find a solution to all your nursing needs

Our Process?

  1. We work with you to asses your situation and compile a list of needs/specialties required for your situation.
  2. Our software crawls through our database, matching and optimizing your requirements to find the very best applicants.
  3. Our hiring specialists manually go through the potential applicants to make sure we only provide the best fits.
  4. We have the potential applicants undergo background checks/screenings.
  5. We present the potential applicants (along with the results of the background checks/screenings) to you for the final determination.

Start looking at the talent!